Miracle Point
Precision Tools

Miracle Point® began production of its first product, the Splinter Expert Tweezers, in 1988. Since then, magnification has been added to the tweezers line, but the original Splinter Expert Tweezers remains our most popular item. Additional tools and other products have been added, all with the aim of making your life easier. The precision which can be achieved by adding magnification to hand tools has been well-received by craftspeople, hobbyists and anyone with failing eyesight.

The company is owned and operated by The Pierce family. The Pierce family has a varied background in managing businesses in the areas of food manufacturing, distribution, private label/co-packing, and commercial real estate. The Pierce family is committed to the Miracle Point® tradition of providing today’s craftsperson, hobbyist, artist, woodworker, and other consumers quality products that are easier, safer and more comfortable to use.

Others have tried to copy Miracle Point®’s patented products, but have not been able to do so without going outside the country. Miracle Point® believes that overseas outsourcing of plastic part production can result in not only inferior, but potentially dangerous products. Miracle Point® has been supporting our own domestic economy for years by making every effort to purchase and manufacture locally.

Miracle Point
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